Talking About Insurance Coverage

Talking About Insurance Coverage

What To Expect On The Declaration Page Of Your Car Insurance Policy

by Jar Ross

Your car insurance policy document contains the details of your auto insurance coverage. The policy document has several sections, including the important declarations page. Below are things you should expect on the declarations page.

Policy Number and Term

The policy number is unique and identifies your insurance coverage to the insurance company. You provide the policy number when communicating with the insurance company, and it can instantly pull all your information. For example, you will need the policy number when filing a claim.

The policy term is the duration or validity of your insurance policy. The declaration page usually contains the policy's start and end date. The policy term is significant for various reasons. For example, you must renew your coverage by the polity term. In addition, the insurance company is not responsible for damages or losses outside the policy term.

Ownership Details

The declaration page also contains the identity of the person or party that owns the insured car. If a company or organization owns the car, you will find its details on the declaration page. If an individual owns the car, their details will be on the page. Even parties with partial ownership of the car, such as the financier, have their details here.

Insurance Company Details

The declaration page also identifies the insurance company that issued the policy. You may find the insurance company's name, address, and logo on the page.

Vehicle Details

Your car insurance company is unique to the car or cars it protects. For example, your sedan's insurance coverage doesn't extend to your van's insurance coverage. Thus, each insurance policy's declaration page contains the relevant car's details. For example, you may see the car's make, model, year, and VIN (vehicle identification number).


The coverage – the risks your car insurance protects you from – is one of the most critical parts of your insurance policy. The coverage explains the compensation to expect from the carrier if you have a claim. Expect to find the coverage description on the declaration page. On this page, you may also find related details, such as coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions.


The declaration page also contains your insurance premiums – the money you pay to the insurance company in exchange for their coverage. The pay may contain the total premium as well as its breakdown.

Understanding your car insurance will help you know which claims you can make after an incident. The understanding can also help you know when to increase your coverage or which add-ons you need for better insurance protection.

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