Talking About Insurance Coverage

Is Your Teen Heading To College In Their Car? Auto Insurance Upgrades To Make Now

If you are sending your teenager off to college and they only have a minimum-coverage insurance policy on their vehicle, it may be worth adding more coverage and updating the policy before they leave. There are a lot of things that you’ll want to look into, because paying a little more each month could end […]

Four Benefits Of Enrolling In Auto Component Coverage While You Can

When you buy a new car, you are investing in the peace of mind and reliability expected from a brand-new piece of precision engineering. But while it’s good to go into any big purchase with healthy optimism, you still need to consider the possibility of a less ideal outcome. Many new cars somehow manage to […]

Auto Insurance Rate Increases: Why They’re Happening And What You Can Do

Auto insurance rates are increasing more quickly than they have in 13 years, with a 6 percent jump in April alone. Why are auto insurance rates on the rise, and what can you do about it? Why Auto Insurance Rates are Suddenly Increasing There are three reasons why motorists are starting to pay more for […]

Hiring Your First Employee? Three Questions You Should Never Ask

When your small business venture grows beyond what you can handle on your own and it’s time to hire employees, you need to know what to expect from the hiring process. Becoming an employer comes with a whole new set of legal expectations and insurance requirements, and knowing your boundaries is essential. Here’s a look […]

Have A College Graduate Ready To Come Off Your Auto Insurance And Be Independent? The Best Auto Related Graduation Gift Ideas

Has your college student been on your auto insurance plan since they started driving, and have you been paying for their auto bills? If you’re ready to take them off your coverage plan and they are going to start paying for their own things with their new job, this could be a big adjustment for […]

Five Factors To Help You Determine The Amount Of Auto Insurance Coverage To Buy

How do you know how much auto insurance coverage you need? What do you do if you want your insurance to cover as many risks as possible? You can do all those by evaluating these five factors: The Cost of Repairing Your Car Collision coverage covers damage to your car after hitting something, be it […]

Expect The Unexpected – Insuring For The Uninsured

Auto insurance – everyone is required to have it. But almost 13% of motorists find a way around the law. Some pay for insurance long enough to register their vehicle and then cancel the policy. Some simply roll the dice and drive with expired tags in addition to expired insurance. When you are in a […]